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Twitter and Edelman Part Ways

Twitter, need to brainstorm ideas on your public affairs/policy/international market fronts? Call me.

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In NYC, taxi drivers play a huge role in our daily routine/lives. I imagine this to be true in other crowded cities as well…so I loved this idea. Check out the video below! What if taxi drivers got a little bit of insight into classical music AND were encouraged to play the music in their taxis on a National Classical Music in Taxis Day?!

Ever wonder about those barcodes that are on everything from your milk carton to your pants? Me either, until this cool article in the WSJ today. Companies like Nestle and Duane Reade are trying them on their products. Check these out!!!

Question is…would this affect sales and would customers notice? I’ll admit that I would be tempted to buy something more if it had a cat-shaped barcode…

In the past two weeks, I’ve sampled copious anounts of coffee in Los Angeles, Dallas, Raleigh, Phoenix, Charlotte and San Antonio. I’ve never loved or missed Fika more.

First order of business on Friday morning: My beloved Fika 1% latte!

I’ll admit it. I’m *slightly* obsessed with Prince William and Kate and diligently check People’s Royal Wedding website every day to stay on top of the latest news.

Everything royal wedding from the proposal, ring, bachelor/bachelorette parties and dress has been in the international spotlight and I’ve been eagerly waiting to hear about the music. It is common knowledge that Prince Charles is a big fan and supporter of classical music and I had read about Kate and Will having gone with him to select the music for their wedding.

Finally – the news is out! Christopher Warren-Green is the musical director of both the London Chamber Orchestra (LCO) and the Charlotte (N.C.) Symphony and met Prince Charles during his time in London. He’s been asked by Charles to be in charge of music for the wedding, conducting the LCO in a special program during the ceremony at Westminster Abbey. Warren-Green also played at Prince Charles’s 60th birthday and at his wedding to Camilla Parker Bowles and at Queen Elizabeth’s 80th birthday in Kew Palace. Can we say…LUCKY???

I can’t wait to find out what music has been chosen and if the selections end up setting off any wedding music trends that brides choose for their own weddings this year!

Check out more here:,,20395222_20481874,00.html

I’ve done it. I’ve left easy, breezy, beautiful California and have just completed my first week as a New Yorker. I still have a lot to learn about this new city,  but I’ve already whole-heartedly embraced one thing from NYC culture: DELIVERY!

Its amazing – you can get anything delivered for a nominal fee: any kind of food, liquor, medicines and groceries. I’ve added a favorite page to my browser: It’s an online food ordering site where you can input your zip code and pull up a complete list of all the restaurants that are currently open and willing to deliver your food to you…and their menus! No cash? No problem, just pay using credit card and the restaurant will somehow get the money and you will somehow get your food. It’s bliss.

I’ve noticed that most places, certainly most restaurants, have registered to get their listing on delivery sites like SeamlessWeb and others. It’s a competitive city and you’ve got to provide what everyone else is providing to even start to compete on a level playing field.

Wondering if all this is similarly applicable to classical music. The world of consumer goods is evolving every day to better serve and deliver products and services to those who want them. Efficiency, easy mainstream delivery and multiple access points are increasingly becoming more important to consumer products. How can classical music adopt the same strategies with success without giving up the purity of the artform?

Many have tried, some more successfully than others. I guess that’s what this blog will continue to try to document – although I suspect a few more personal NYC experiences are going to be sneaking in here as well…there are so many things to do and to see!

Until next time—my sushi delivery guy is here 🙂

After the blockbuster movie “A Night at the Museum” enthralled audiences everywhere, museums, aquariums and zoos got smart and started to offer the chance to spend the night at their amazing venues.

So fun! Who wouldn’t want to spend the night under a glass arch of glowing, swimming fish or wake up with to screeches of peacocks in the morning? These sleepovers sound like amazing experiences:

American Museum of Natural History

Bronx Zoo

Aquarium of the Pacific


They’ve been enormously popular with families, children and teachers – as well as with the media. While a new exhibit can often bring some new media attention, an overnight experience offers opportunities to use existing resources to create new curriculum, extraordinary experiences and the feeling of exclusivity and behind-the-scene peeks into an institution.

I would love to see a concert hall offer an overnight musical sleepover. It’s a chance to help dissipate any stuffy, inaccessible feelings that are sometimes associated with an opera or concert hall. Kids could play musical games on stage, tour the backstage area, sleep in the aisles and run up and down the grand staircases that are always found in concert venues. Hopefully, harboring fond memories of familiarity can only help increase future attendance and help maintain interest in the programming and going-ons at a performing arts center.

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